The Evolution of a Studio

As I currently work to polish a few of the Halo illustrations with final touches, I work in a small, sunny, home studio in Western Massachusetts.

But did you know that before I made this my creative space, I lived in a van for almost two years? On purpose.

In late 2010, I traded a different cozy, wood-floored studio space in Montreal (where I spent three years) for four wheels and an atlas. Specifically, my studio went mobile in a 1989 Volkswagen camper van, and I spent over 18 months with my belongings in storage living on the road.

Although the van does boast a decent sized table and running water, it's certainly not a well-equipped studio space. However, I was able to work on thumbnails, concept sketches, and some more detailed drawings. I also finalized my manuscript on the road.

At the close of 2011, the van needed an engine rebuild, and my studio moved to my parents' dining room table, where quite a few illustrations came to life. Luckily I had been smart enough to store all of my art supplies together there, and so I had access to everything I needed.

When the van was once again purring in the end of February 2012, I literally went back to the drawing board while our cross-country adventures continued until September. Fall of 2012 brought a final push in my freshly-painted studio space, where I signed a lease for the first time in over two years. Here I refocused on finalizing illustrations and getting ready for launch!