WE DID IT! But there's still more to accomplish...

From now on, I use "we." WE met our first milestone of $3,000 in just FOUR days. WE are officially publishing this story. This project is no longer an "I" project, because all of you, my generous backers, own a piece of this project. The success of Halo now belongs in part to each and every one of you. Thank you. The best thing I can do for US is make us proud, and I hope you'll continue to share that pride as Halo's journey moves forward.

There's still more to do, however. The Kickstarter is live for 26 more days, and in that time I am reaching for the BIG goal of $10,000 to produce the Halo plush toy. I hope all of you join me in continuing to promote and share Halo in order to reach this goal. Remember, the toy is not just a promotional product. It's not an attempt to make more money off this story, either- the cost of production vs. retail will leave very little room for profit. This is about taking comforting words and pictures and transforming them into something much more tangible for a child- a little Halo they can hug, talk to about what scares them, or use to catch a few tears.

In the story, the character Halo represents the idea that those who have passed away can still surround us with loving, guiding, and healing energy, and the idea that there's more for us beyond death. Halo represents a guardian and a symbol of hope and faith, and I want to see him act as a companion in hospital beds and waiting rooms, funerals and cemeteries.  These are the places we only go when we are forced to, places where storybook magic seems like the least of priorities.

Let's change that.

Aren't the times filled with sadness, fear or despair the times we most need a bit of magic?

With deepest thanks,